Open For Business!

It’s thrilling to report to you that the lower level of the Medical Centre is completed and open to care for the children and staff of KCC.

During the early stages of construction, in order to compensate for unexpected terrain issues, the original architectural plans were modified to include a second level.  Now we need your help for the final push to complete the expanded upper level interior as well as the exterior pathways.

Here are pictures from March 2017:

And here is a recent image from October 2017:

Oct 17 KCCHW front

Thank you for your generous support for this important goal.  Once open to the community, the Hope Centre will work under a self-sustaining model of care.


A Second Floor!! Hope Centre construction rolling along

Progress continues on the Hope Centre with work on wall framing for the second floor.  Already and amazing achievement, all built by hand.

We’re very excited about the progress and look forward to Opening Day, but still need your help.  We’re just under $5,000 away from our phase 2 goal of $17,000.  Phase 2 would add solar power and an new well, providing vital independent resources and enhancing the ability to serve more of the community.  Please DONATE TODAY and help us reach our goal.  Thank you.


Setting the foundation!

Work continues to progress on the Hope Centre site.  Here’s the most recent photo of part of the foundation being built.


And here’s the blueprint plans of the complex.


Thanks again to everyone who made this possible!

We’re all looking forward to the Destiny Africa Choir 2015 US Tour and we’re planning a Special Concert event.  Click here for more details!

And continue to visit our site for more updates on the construction progress.  The crews are working hard toward the goal of ribbon cutting within the year!

Hope Centre Groundbreaking!

All the planning is complete and the next phase has begun!  We are all so thankful to those who have worked so hard to get the Hope Centre to this place.

The final version of the blueprints now include a dental room and repositioning the nurse’‎s room  to be in between the doctors so that she could serve both. Also an external door was added on the nurse’s room which will help if we needed to lock off other areas of the facility.

Where are we now?
Due to the added features we shifted part of the facility a few metres from the original spot which meant to dig up new foundations.  Here are photo of digging up the foundation by hand!  That’s how they do in Uganda!!